Discover How This Next Generation Decentralized Crypto
Wallet App Can
Get You Paid ~10% Per Month Just for
Holding Bitcoin 
and Crypto in YOUR Wallet!

Behind The Scenes Look At The Jarvis AI Software In Action

Cloud Token May 12th Official Launch

More Details About The Cloud Token Wallet

Arbitrage Software and Credit Card Withdrawal

Watch The Videos Below Before Doing Anything

Keep It Simple for Success! 

1. Watch the videos below
2. Download the Cloud Token Wallet to your Smartphone

3. Transfer Crypto to your new Cloud Token Wallet (ETH and LTC are faster than BTC)

4. Activate Jarvis AI and begin Earning CTO Tokens Daily

5. Promote Cloud Token and Earn Additional tokens


Make sure you Write Down your 16 digit login code, 6 digit payment pin, your login pin, your google authenticator key AND most importantly your mnemonic phrase.


Install and Setup the
Cloud Token Wallet


Start Jarvis and
begin Earning Daily

**Available For Apple and Android devices only**

Use this referral code 5154422600 once you download the app


Simply convert to ETH and then you can send it to any ETH wallet you like.

You can convert and withdraw your rewards at anytime.

No – It is closed source to protect its content from competitors

You will start receiving rewards about 24 hours after you fund Jarvis.

The Cloud Token corporate office is located in Kuala Lumpur.

CTO Price = Reserve Pool / Amount Of Tokens In Circulation.

12% monthly earnings from Jarvis is transferred to the reserve pool. Additional earnings (more than 12%) are held in Jarvis for trading.

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